Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peterson Thanksgiving!

Cousins! Emma and Zack hugging it out! Audrey with Halie and Brooklyn her little play buddies. They get along very well together!

Playing is in the Peterson's blood. We are currently in the cab of Cliff and Jenny's truck watching Daddy (Ryan) ski behind with a rope and a stick on little shorty big foot skiis. Do they ever grow up? I think not!

A funny little tid-bit on this holiday.... Grandpa Peterson said the prayer over the food and it was a wonderful prayer full of love, tears, and thanksgiving. When the prayer was over it was silent as everyone was caught up in their own thoughts. Audrey promptly and loudly declares....."That was the longest prayer ever!" Well there you go. Best days Ever!

We made the trip over the Rockies to Loa, Utah for Thanksgiving. Traditionally we ladies cook the day away with the men gone to slaughter the rabbits. Then we join back together to eat our fill in the Lyman church house. After the meal we clean up and play games until we can't stand it any longer.


Peck Family said...

Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun! Happy Holidays!

LeChem Fam said...

I am so happy you have a blog I have been meaning to ask you so we can keep in touch! We have not see you guys in forever so let's get together soon! Looks like you had a great holiday season!