Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Funny Faces!

Here we are with our darling girl. She is so funny.... every day she surprises us with the things that she says and does. She has recently started to make funny faces. Much to our consternation this usually happens when we are trying to sit down and eat! She had also started to wear dresses and only dresses. Paint her nails every time we have a tub, play with her babies, and call all of her stuffed animals her 'children'. Oh yes and don't forget the tea parties. She is a girly girl.

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

At the start of the New Year Audrey became a sunbeam. She was very excited about the new class and teachers. She is the only girl in her class with 5 other boys.... Yes.... we have a ward of boys, but she does well. Last Sunday on the 18th she was assigned to give the prayer in primary. She did an excellent job. What a big girl she is.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleigh Riding!

Audrey and daddy went sliegh riding on New Years Day. We missed the Peterson tow behind the truck with the knee boards, but tried to make up for it on a little hill with our own sleigh. Mommy and baby even went with Audrey. She had a wonderful time and loved screaming all the way down the hill.