Monday, June 1, 2009

Zackery Ryan Peterson

Welcome our new little boy! Here he is..... we love him to pieces. We are very happy to have him here. He is a mellow little fellow so far...... he is eating well and has gained some weight. He has a whole head hair and I am hoping that it stays and doesn't fall out. He is still sleeping and eating a lot. His awake time has been more in the evening with going to bed at midnight then waking up once to feed. He has clear blue eyes and we are anxiously awaiting the first little smile. Thank you everyone for your love, generosity, and prayers.


A family of four now. How exciting. We are here at the Priesthood restoration site. Next we are at the Falls I am not sure how to spell it Tauchanock? We had a wonderful weekend with the Winegar family. I will post more of those pictures later because I am trying to update Zackery tonight.

Carousel Capital

We are lucky to live in the carousel capital of the United States. There are carousels in the parks and they opened up on Memorial Day. They run all summer and they are free. You can ride and ride. So... we had our first carousel ride. Audrey was a little shy at first but we worked our way up from riding the sleigh to a non-moving horse to a moving one. She enjoyed it and Zackery slept through it all.

Brother & Sister

Audrey and Zackery. Audrey has been an adorable big sister. She loves to see Zackery's toes and tummy. She has been a great big helper to mommy. The other day was the sweetest thing. I came down the stairs and there was Audrey taking Zackery's fingers and telling him the ryhm of the little piggies. It was adorable.

Sweet Boy!

Hello Handsome. Zackery Ryan Peterson! We love our boy. He was born on May 10, 2009
7 lbs. 2 oz. @ 12:48 20.5 inches long. We had quite the journey getting him here. We made it to the due date with some multiple testing to hear his heart beat and make sure things were okay. After a week of that they finally admitted me on Saturday night. After laboring all night in the morning we did an epideral and things were able to relax and fully dialate. Two and a half hours later of pushing and the doctor tried the vacumn three times and he just wasn't coming out so.... we did a C-section. Ryan was able to srub in on the surgery and was the one who got to pull him out.


Here we are with our first family photo! Everything went well with Zackery. We are glad to have him here with us. He was born at the Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City, NY.