Monday, March 23, 2009

Rain, Puddles, Mud

What else could seal the deal of getting out and playing is rain, puddles, and mud. We have found out that apparently we live in the second highest precipitation area next to Seattle. Yesssss!!!!!!!! This is not something that we anticipated. But nonetheless we do enjoy our home. Here is Audrey splashing and having fun.


We love our cousins! Making cookies at Aunt Janielle's house and playing tea party in Allyson's room. What a bunch of cuties!


Audrey loved playing with Grandma's chimney sweeper. I think that we need to watch Mary Poppins. She is such a little poser!


Tyler, Allyson, and Audrey! Here we are visiting with Grandma Cindy and having fun with cousins. Audrey says Allyson is her BFF!

Happy Birthday!

We had a wonderful time in Utah and Idaho with family. I celebrated my 28th birthday at my mom's house. It was fun to see everyone.


Audrey loved takeoff on the airplane. She was an incredible traveler. The baby also loved flying. He was extremely active while we were in the air.