Thursday, October 14, 2010

We have loved Audrey's school. They have done alot of activities already and the school year isn't even half over. Here is Audrey at her Fun Run day! She had a lot of fun going from activity to activity. The only down side was after a running game. She threw up so.... we went home. Even though we had a short day she still had fun. BEST FRIENDS! Who could ask for more. Audrey is such a good big sister. She is helpful and kind to Zack. Oh sure they have their squabbles, but all in all they are really good friends. Audrey was cuddled up on the couch and of course.... Zackery had to join her.
Primary Safety Day! Although we had rain, about the 5th time it has rained here, the fire engine still came. The kids loved it. Zack had a blast he listened intently and even had a chance to walk through it. They had police officers as well as a talk on 'putting on our armour' for our spiritual strength. It was put together very well. Oh yeah and Audrey did 'pose' without being told too! She cocked her leg and hands on hip just for the picture.We are now a family of bikes. We have been out on several occasions and have had a wonderful time. You may be thinking well... Audrey can ride and Ryan and I how about Zack? Well... since Ryan has such good balance he acutally has taped a pillow on the middle bar of his bike and Zack will hold onto the handle bars and ride. Ryan even took Zack on a mountain biking trip this way. Good thing Zack has balance as well.