Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Painting! Audrey loves to paint and draw. Her thing right now is making books. She got to pick the activity last night for family home evening and of course we each made a book. It was actually really fun. Well since Zackery has to do everything that sister does here he is doing his first masterpiece. He actually managed to get some paint onto the paper and in different colors as well. Although he did enjoy trying to eat the paint. Thank heavens for crayola washable, non toxic paint.
Grandparents Day! Audrey's school has done some fun things already. She had Grandparents Day and grandma Peterson was able to come. They had a blast getting to spend some time together making a craft and we went out to eat lunch at Audrey's favorite, Chicken and rice! (chinese food) Thanks Grandma for taking to time to come and make Audrey's day unforgettable. Also Lisa (sister-in-law) came as well and we spent the time doing some awesome shopping.
We took a trip to Grand Junction to visit the Belnap family. While we were there they blessed their new baby girl, and grandma watched the children while a bunch of us went mountain biking. It was a blast! We had a ton of fun and are now hooked. Ryan promptly went out and bought us each a bike. We are looking forward to starting this new hobby.
We LOVE the parks around our house. Here is one that is close by and across from the Library as well so we go there a lot. Audrey decided to try hanging upside down and of course Zack had to too. There are some tubes to climb through, whick is Zackery's favorite place. Then the slides are Audrey's favorite.