Sunday, July 20, 2008

Audrey Lynn Peterson

Our year in travel is finally coming to a close. We have touched the east coast to the west coast. From Virginia Beach to Seattle. Audrey is a well traveled young lady. She just recently turned three and is an angel. We are anxiously awaiting more fun to come in the NY sun!

My girl!

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.....1.....2.......100! What a sweet girl. The day was a beautiful sabbath. I had fun taking some pictures of Audrey today. What a joy she is in my life. I love her very much.


We are finally moving! Yeah.... it has been two months since we have tried to close on our home in NY! What an ordeal it has been! But.... Ryan was able to be in Utah for Audrey's birthday and then it all worked out for him to load up the truck. He drove across the country to NY in a 26ft. Diesel! Phew... am I glad that I didn't have to do it. Thank you Ryan for taking care of our stuff and helping relieve the stress of the move for me. Audrey and I will follow in a week where we will close on the house and move in!


Barbie Cake! That is what Audrey wanted for her 3rd birthday! I am not sure who was excited more.... her or me. I had a wonderful time thinking it all through and making the cake. I did have a couple of mishaps with it... but all in all I think that it turned out nicely.


We had a wonderful party at Cliff & Jenny Peterson's house. Here are Audrey's presents. She asked for a 'barbie house'. We hope that she got it!


OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! She got it, her very own doll house! Audrey loved it and played and played and played with it. Even her 12 yr. old cousin Brinlee loved it and played with it. So... I am thinking that we will get a few years of enjoyment out of it. She was thrilled. Ryan and I were as well when it was all put together and we say how BIG it is! 5' tall!

Reese Grandkids!

We are just missing our 'Ryker' in North Carolina that is John and Brooklyn's boy! Other than that we are all here. From left to right! Allyson Nelson, Audrey Peterson, Talon Reese Tyler Nelson, Kayden Reese, and baby Dawson Reese.

Lovin' cousins!

Allyson and Audrey have had a lot of time to get to know one another. They do enjoy playing with their babies, dolls, and dress up. We are glad we had this year to get to know her better. They are five months apart in age with Audrey being older. Everywhere we go Janielle and I get asked if they are twins!

Happy 4th of July

Here we are at the Moroni, Utah parade. Audrey loved watching the 'princesses' going by (even more than the candy). Although she did enjoy the candy too. Audrey colored and stickered her own candy bag!

Swim Lessons

Hello from Manti, Utah. Audrey had swim lessons with her cousins, Tyler and Allyson. They all loved them. Audrey and Allyson were in the same class and were two 'Little Fishes'! The instructor was wonderful and advised that both the girls were ready to move up next year to swimming lessons on their own!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Logan, Utah with Grandpa Reese. We came across a little carnival for the kids on the weekend that we went to see Grandpa. We were also able to see uncle, Josiah, Josh, and Colton.


Hello Daddy! This one is for you! We are sorry that you are so far away and hope that we can join you soon. We are in Utah still waiting for the house to finalize and then be on our way!

Capital Reef

It was a beautiful day with the water luke warm. The kids enjoyed swimming in the river. We got alot of sun, but I think some of it missed on Ryan! Look at those muscles....PHEW! Audrey is a little fish! Another successful trip with the Peterson family! Ryan requested a trip to the park and the desert of southern utah before he headed out to Binghamton, NY to start his residency.


Here in Richfield we enter the softball capital of Utah....well maybe, maybe not. We had fun watching the Peterson boys play. The team allowed Ryan to play and of course with the three of them they were unstopable. They won the game, we had dinner with the family, and headed back over the hill to do some more farming.

Happy Father's Day!

In the mountains of southern Utah! We went for a Sunday picnic for Father's Day with the Peterson clan. We had a great time dipping our toes in the water and eating some fried chicken and potatoes. The kids sang 'I'm so glad when daddy comes home' and served their father's the lunch. Then Ryan and I challenged all of the couples there to horseshoes and..... won of course. We are still the Peterson Family Horse Shoe Champions. There is always next year for anyone else to challenge us!

Running on the field with Audrey. At the Bees game after the fireworks the dads' were able to run with their kids. Audrey and Ryan loved it. Audrey also recieved a ticket for a free lunch!

The game! The hot dog! AAAAAHHHH!!!! Heaven! Here Ryan is lying down on the grass in left field. We were able to go onto the field for the fireworks after the game. Ryan loved it. This is his diving catch. And the famouse hotdog. Sorry I can't remember the official name for it!

The game in SLC was fun! The 'boys' were there! Well at least three of the four. It was quite hot, but the grass was soft, the food good and the fireworks amazing.

Oh Sweet Angel of Mine!

What a treasure we have in Audrey. Here she is loving the trampoline at Grandma Peterson's! She also loved the lilacs and pretending to be a puppy. What a joy she is in our lives.

Dr. Ryan Peterson

Dr. Petey
Congratulations Ryan! We all love YOU! An amazing person Ryan is. He graduated 3rd in his class with many honors. Some of them being an award for being in the top 10%. He was the speaker at his graduation dinner, which was fantastic. He also recieved an award in biomechanics with a thousand dollar check and books published by one of the leading doctors in biomechanics. The award was presented by the family of the Doctor.
We have doctor in the family!
We expect the calls to come pouring in! HaHaHa

The Ceremony. Here Ryan is with some of his buddies from school. They are done!!!!!!!!!! Well with the school work at least. On the left Ryan sitting in his assigned seat awaiting the 'capping'. The 'caps' they are holding on their laps are what the Dean will officially put over their heads and 'cap' them. A Doctorates Degree!

I love daddy! Here we are at the graduation ceremony. Audrey caught up with Ryan to try on his cap. Then danced her way through the ceremony in the isles. Also Grandma & Grandpa Peterson had a nice rest. The ceremony was 2 hours and finally at the end did we see Ryan walk across the stage and.... we are a Doctor!

Tuscon, Arizona

Slide rock! What a fun time we had. We are on a week long journey with my family to go to Ryan's graduation. We had a great time stopping and camping and visisting the sights along the way. Everyone who did the slide loved it. We even got Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Bruce to go. They we awesome!