Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas in Paul, ID!

Santa found us at Grandma & Grandpa Browns house. We arrived at 12:00 am and Christmas commenced.

Opening presents at Grandma's house! A list of some of the things that Zack got: A baseball glove and baseball cap, a bop bag, ice skates, tonka truck fire fighter car set, a football, a football sleeping bag and lots of goodies.
Audrey's list: A monkey sleeping bag, a fancy nancy sleep wear set with robe and matching slippers, a caboodle, hair bows, nail polish, ice skates, barbie and barbie horse, phew and a lot of goodies.
While we were in Paul, ID we went to the local ski area and they had a tubing hill. We had a blast and the kids loved it. We also had a fire, roasted hot dogs and marshmellows complete with hot chocolate. Yummy. There was a little bit of snowmobiling that went on as well. Here we have all the cousins minus John and Brooklyn's two boys. We did skype them so at one point we were all in the same room togther. Thank heaven for skype. Thank you grandma and grandpa for the new pajamas! The adults all recieved hot dog roastin sticks with our names on them. They were fantastic. Here the kids put on the nativity for us. What fun. They were all so excited. Hopefully next time we can have even more there to help in our story.
Here is a quick story to remember our Christmas by. Sickness yes... I think this was the year of sickness at Christmas. Almost everyone got it. Especially Audrey at three am on Christmas Eve. We had to be careful not to scare santa because we were up watching movies all night long.... oh yeah did I forget the puking. You know what is really funny about it all is that no one else even woke up. Puking, laundry, movies, half naked kids in bed and just Audrey and I to the lights of the christmas tree.

Christmas in Bear Lake!

Merry Christmas Grandpa Reese. We spent Christmas Eve in Bear Lake with Grandpa & Grandma Reese and uncles Josh and Colten. We had a wonderful time. The food was excellent the house cozy and the comanionship even better!

Probably our favorite experience with Grandpa Reese. A horse and hay ride on Christmas Eve delivering treats to the neighbors and singing carols. I can not think of a better way to get into the Christmas spirit. Zackery enjoyed it so much he still talks about it.

Audrey loved riding on the sleighs. Zackery..... well he rode for a little while then was content to sit and watch the horse clip clop along. Audrey was the only girl with Jason's three boys there! She giggled and giggled at the boys who promptly had to show off! The kids are being pulled behind the horse hay ride. It was a blast. We enjoyed it very much. Thank you Grandpa Reese!

Holidays are hard for everyone to get together when families grow and grow. Jason and Jami were able to come with their three boys, Uncle Josiah, Uncle Josh, Uncle Colton, and Ryan and I with our two kids.
Fun story about our traveling. We actually had great weather to travel by and made it to all of our destinations fairly un-harmed. We drove the Montana way to get to Bear Lake from Denver. If you have ever traveled this way you will know that there is not a whole from in between. You are pretty much in the middle of no where passing a few and far between places to stop. Well it was at one of these far between places that Zackery decides to bite off the head of his little Jesse doll and swallow it. Yes!! Can you imagine well... thank goodness he did not choke, but you know what is coming..... he threw up all over. Hurray just what we needed. So we tried to make it to the next available place to stop which was a ways. Then get everything out and washed in a little sink in the convience store bathroom. It gets better, this particular convience store said, "Bathroom for customers only" well we went right on it and used the bathroom. The sink plugged up and there was sign on the mirror telling us to not drink the water. Yes!!!! I know that your side is splitting right now over this but sadly it is true.

Happy New Year!

All of the sweet Peterson Girlies. We actually got them to sit together without crying, I know a feet in and of itself.
Here are the 'MEN' of the Peterson clan. Grandma and Grandpa got all the kids pillow pets. Hurray! We love our pillow pets. Oh yeah and Grandma & Grandpa too!

Can't have a New Years' without ice skating. The big boys played a rousing game in the morning with cousins and friends. Then the kids joined the group with ice skating and sleigh riding. Zackery loved being pulled on the ice holding onto the sleigh. Audrey tried her hand at ice skating with her new skates from Christmas. She did well and even started jumping a little too!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peterson Thanksgiving!

Cousins! Emma and Zack hugging it out! Audrey with Halie and Brooklyn her little play buddies. They get along very well together!

Playing is in the Peterson's blood. We are currently in the cab of Cliff and Jenny's truck watching Daddy (Ryan) ski behind with a rope and a stick on little shorty big foot skiis. Do they ever grow up? I think not!

A funny little tid-bit on this holiday.... Grandpa Peterson said the prayer over the food and it was a wonderful prayer full of love, tears, and thanksgiving. When the prayer was over it was silent as everyone was caught up in their own thoughts. Audrey promptly and loudly declares....."That was the longest prayer ever!" Well there you go. Best days Ever!

We made the trip over the Rockies to Loa, Utah for Thanksgiving. Traditionally we ladies cook the day away with the men gone to slaughter the rabbits. Then we join back together to eat our fill in the Lyman church house. After the meal we clean up and play games until we can't stand it any longer.

A Pieffer Thanksgiving!

We have enjoyed Audrey in Kindergarten. She has had quite a few class parties. Here she was a pilgrim for their class FEAST! Audrey didn't eat very much of it, but it was fun to go and have her sing and watch her interact with her classmates.

Children's musuem, Denver CO

I love to watch children explore and learn. We had a fun day going to the children's museum the kids found the paints and stood inside a giant bubble. They also had a little cubby with dress-ups as animals with caves and holes to climb into. Audrey loved that part. Zack loved the little bears house where the bed was just his size and the little boat where he could fish. All in all a wonderful day.

My Turn on Earth!

In November 2010 Audrey had the opportunity to be in the play My Turn on Earth with our Stake her in Colorado. She LOOOOOOVED!!! it. She was such a doll. We had fun watching her. Grandma Brown and Grandma Peterson were both able to see her perform. Thanks for coming and supporting us. Audrey was amazing by learning her part fast, staying on the beat, and singing out loud and proud.