Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas in Paul, ID!

Santa found us at Grandma & Grandpa Browns house. We arrived at 12:00 am and Christmas commenced.

Opening presents at Grandma's house! A list of some of the things that Zack got: A baseball glove and baseball cap, a bop bag, ice skates, tonka truck fire fighter car set, a football, a football sleeping bag and lots of goodies.
Audrey's list: A monkey sleeping bag, a fancy nancy sleep wear set with robe and matching slippers, a caboodle, hair bows, nail polish, ice skates, barbie and barbie horse, phew and a lot of goodies.
While we were in Paul, ID we went to the local ski area and they had a tubing hill. We had a blast and the kids loved it. We also had a fire, roasted hot dogs and marshmellows complete with hot chocolate. Yummy. There was a little bit of snowmobiling that went on as well. Here we have all the cousins minus John and Brooklyn's two boys. We did skype them so at one point we were all in the same room togther. Thank heaven for skype. Thank you grandma and grandpa for the new pajamas! The adults all recieved hot dog roastin sticks with our names on them. They were fantastic. Here the kids put on the nativity for us. What fun. They were all so excited. Hopefully next time we can have even more there to help in our story.
Here is a quick story to remember our Christmas by. Sickness yes... I think this was the year of sickness at Christmas. Almost everyone got it. Especially Audrey at three am on Christmas Eve. We had to be careful not to scare santa because we were up watching movies all night long.... oh yeah did I forget the puking. You know what is really funny about it all is that no one else even woke up. Puking, laundry, movies, half naked kids in bed and just Audrey and I to the lights of the christmas tree.


Tammy said...

All of your Christmas activites look like tons of fun. Great pictures to document the events! I love your family picture at the top!

Peck Family said...

Looks like a Blast!

Michael & Lindsey said...

I love the picture of you're cute little family in your header. You all look so happy together. I'm glad you were able to be together with your side of the family for Christmas. It looks like you guys had a great time in Idaho! Hope all is going well with all of you! :)

Alexis said...

Hey Jessica! How are you?? Your kids are super cute - do you guys live in Denver? We are in Michigan (our family blog is private) and will be moving somewhere else this summer. So good to "see" you again :)