Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas in Bear Lake!

Merry Christmas Grandpa Reese. We spent Christmas Eve in Bear Lake with Grandpa & Grandma Reese and uncles Josh and Colten. We had a wonderful time. The food was excellent the house cozy and the comanionship even better!

Probably our favorite experience with Grandpa Reese. A horse and hay ride on Christmas Eve delivering treats to the neighbors and singing carols. I can not think of a better way to get into the Christmas spirit. Zackery enjoyed it so much he still talks about it.

Audrey loved riding on the sleighs. Zackery..... well he rode for a little while then was content to sit and watch the horse clip clop along. Audrey was the only girl with Jason's three boys there! She giggled and giggled at the boys who promptly had to show off! The kids are being pulled behind the horse hay ride. It was a blast. We enjoyed it very much. Thank you Grandpa Reese!

Holidays are hard for everyone to get together when families grow and grow. Jason and Jami were able to come with their three boys, Uncle Josiah, Uncle Josh, Uncle Colton, and Ryan and I with our two kids.
Fun story about our traveling. We actually had great weather to travel by and made it to all of our destinations fairly un-harmed. We drove the Montana way to get to Bear Lake from Denver. If you have ever traveled this way you will know that there is not a whole from in between. You are pretty much in the middle of no where passing a few and far between places to stop. Well it was at one of these far between places that Zackery decides to bite off the head of his little Jesse doll and swallow it. Yes!! Can you imagine well... thank goodness he did not choke, but you know what is coming..... he threw up all over. Hurray just what we needed. So we tried to make it to the next available place to stop which was a ways. Then get everything out and washed in a little sink in the convience store bathroom. It gets better, this particular convience store said, "Bathroom for customers only" well we went right on it and used the bathroom. The sink plugged up and there was sign on the mirror telling us to not drink the water. Yes!!!! I know that your side is splitting right now over this but sadly it is true.

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Michael & Lindsey said...

It's so fun to be able to read your blog. I'm glad you guys had fun over the holidays minus a few difficulties with your little guy almost choking and some stresses along the way with traveling. These pictures are so fun and your kids couldn't be any cuter! :)