Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to Kindergaten Audrey! Here is Audrey's first day of Kindergarten. We went to the fabric store and she picked out some fabric and we made this dress just for her and it is her favorite. She wanted to wear it the first day!

Here with Zackery at her school. It is located just up the road from us. We get to drive her everyday and Zack loves going there and picking her up.
Taking pictures outside right before she goes in. She loved it. She came home that day and said, "Mom my teacher is funny, and she wears pretty shoes!" She loves it and goes right in without even looking back. There weren't any tears on her part!

We took the kids to an amusement park and they loved it. Audrey couldn't get enough of the roller coaster. Although as Zack liked being there he was very serious when he rode the rides. We could hardly get him to crack a smile. It was funny as he is usually such a smiley kid.

Here is my Zackery. He is such a boy.... very daring. He loves to swim on his own in the pool with floaties. I have to watch and make sure that he doesn't just sit and drink the water. Yes.. that is him all by himself at 15 months.

We love to go swimming! We have a pool here at our apartment and Audrey has become a fish with it. She has gotten so daring and is swimming very well. She didn't have any swim lessons this year and I think that we will wait until next summer to do them. She has learned well on her own.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Niagara Falls!

Are we crazy or what..... we visited all of these sites that you are going to see in one day. The first day of our trip to drive out to Denver. Well I couldn't live that close to one of the 7 wonders of the world and not have seen it. So... we went. It was cool. The kids loved it and we enjoyed some ice cream and stretching of the legs as we begun our journey to our new home.

Sacred Grove!

A sacred place as well as a sacred experience to walk on the ground where God the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ visited the boy Joseph Smith. You can feel the spirit as you enter the trees and walk quietly on the paths. My soul is overjoyed to have shared this experience with many of our family and friends. We will truly miss being so close to such a wonderful place.

Joseph Smith Home!

It is amazing how even the children feel the spirit of peace and joy that was brought into this home. It was a pleasure to spend the time with my mother and experience these wonderful sites with her. It was her first time being there!

Palmyra Temple!

What a blessing it was to be in the Palmyra Temple district. We had a wonderful time enjoying the temple and all of the blessings that it provides. A truly sacred place.

Hill Cumorah!

Oh what fun it was to live so near the sites of the restoration of the gospel. On our last day in New York we took the time to see some of the sites with my mother. She gratefully drove out to help us move with the kids.


Well pictures of the kids riding in the car. Two years ago we moved cross-country to New York. Now we have driven over 1700 miles back to Denver Co. Yes.. to all of you who may be suprised by this...we are now back in the west. The kids did great on the drive they are wonderful. We were blessed with good weather, not much traffic. Although I do wish we didn't have to go through so many tolls.

On the Move.... we had boxes and boxes and boxes. Well... if you have ever tried to move in 2 weeks then you know.......