Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter egg hunt in the sand. Audrey loved the egg hunt with Ryker and Hali. The Easther Bunny did find us in the desert. Audrey recieved some hair bows, cand, and a new sunday dress. Audrey was very excited about her basket. In the bottom picture is a classic example of our stylish girlie girl. She loves pink and her sunglasses.

Sand, Sand, Sand

More of the windlift. The girls were buried in the sand. What a great adventure. Ryan climbed the huge rock that was in the middle of the windlift.


AMAZING!!! We made it to the windlift. It was incredible. Here the pictures show the waves in the sand. You hike up this ridge and mountain to reach this bowl, hole with sand. The peterson's said that the wind can really blow here. We had good luck and the wind was only minimal. BEAUTIFUL PLACE!


We love to hike! On a trip again to the windlift in the desert near Escalante. Audrey is a natural climber trying to go into places she wasn't quite ready to go. She had fun finding marble rocks, riding on daddy's shoulders, and laughing with Hali and Ryker.

Peekaboo & Spooky

We found some slot canyons on our trip to the Desert for Easter. Audrey was fantastic she wanted to climb and go through the canyon 'all by herself'. She was a lot eager than I was. I couldn't believe how much she enjoyed climbing.

Four Corners

Another stop on the road in New Mexico. We visited the four corners monument and walked through four states in one day. We had fun although I don't think the pictures do justice to how windy it was that day. Audrey couldn't even keep her eyes open for the pictures.

More Monument Valley. Our little sweetheart. Audrey has been amazing with all of the traveling that we have done this year.

Monument Valley

Some of our time spent in New Mexico we took a trip to Monument Valley where Ryan does some work at a clinic there! We took a trip through the park. It was beautiful. Amazing all of the Lord's majestic creations. In the middle we are standing by the totem pole which has been featured in movies. Then Ryan and Audrey at the end are by the mittens.


Phoenix seems like a lifetime ago. But we get back together and it feels as though we never left each other. We had a great time joining up with the Rigby's and Winegars. We miss them and loved seeing them again. The Rigby's blessed their new baby boy.

Peterson Activities

Oh the fun that we have at Grandma Peterson's! Audrey didn't really enjoy the horseback ride, but had a great time jumping on the tramp. We enjoy being on the farm in Loa, Utah.


Here we are with the Peterson family at the 'sheep shearing'. The kids loved it. They touched the sheep and loved watching them come in hairy and go out with a haircut. They played on the hay and ran around in the fields. We had a wonderful day!